State-of-the-Art Reports (STARs) that provide an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of a special topic of current interest related to Computer Graphics will be included in the Eurographics 2013 conference program. We encourage the submission of STAR proposals on topics that have not yet been covered in any recent previous STAR. A STAR can also address the use of Computer Graphics techniques in a different scientific discipline or in industrial practice. For examples of suitable STAR topics, take a look at the proceedings of recent Eurographics conferences.

At Eurographics 2013, the authors of a STAR will be given 90 minutes to present the report at a level that also allows non-experts in the particular domain to follow this presentation. The conference registration fee will be waived for one author per accepted STAR. Authors will be encouraged to subsequently submit the STAR as a regular contribution to Computer Graphics Forum.

For any question concerning STAR submissions please contact the STARs co-chairs by e-mail at Authors should expect to receive a confirmation of receipt of their proposal and should request confirmation if one is not received within a day or two. Some problems may arise with large e-mailed attachments (over 3MB in size). Submitters might be better advised to e-mail a link to a location from which the larger document can be downloaded.

Submission Details

STAR proposals (in PDF) should be submitted via email to the STARs co-chairs.

The deadline for the submission of STAR proposals is September 30th, 2012, with notification of acceptance on 5 December 2012.

A STAR proposal should be, in essence, a short version of the planned STAR, outlining the topic, documenting its relation and relevance to computer graphics, including a planned table of contents and a major subset of the targeted literature references, as well as including brief biographies of the authors, demonstrating their qualification to produce the proposed STAR. Such a proposal should be 3-5 pages in length. If the authors have already prepared a longer version of their intended STAR, they may contact the STARs co-chairs ahead of the submission deadline to check for the opportunity of submitting a longer STAR proposal (in principle, this is appreciated!).

STARs Co-Chairs

Mateu Sbert, Universitat de Girona
László Szirmay-Kalos, Technical University of Budapest

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