Education Track

The Eurographics 2013 Education Track will present the latest education experience and ideas in computer graphics, visual computing, and related disciplines.

New Sumissions Opened. New modalities: Short notes on Teaching Tips & Techniques and Presentations on Outstanding Student Projects.

We are seeking high quality, original contributions for conference presentation and publication in the Education Track digital media proceedings.
This year we are broadening the scope of the Track to include:

  • Papers and panels on topics in computer graphics and education;
  • Short notes on Teaching Tips & Techniques; and
  • Presentations on Outstanding Student Projects.

The track will also include a moderated discussion of the progress of computer graphics programs in meeting the Bologna requirements.

Education Track Papers should give significant new insight or experience that increases student learning and that instructors can take into the classroom or lab. Proposals for Panels should state the problem to be discussed and include a short statement from proposed panelists. Notes on Teaching Tips & Techniques should describe proven concrete ways to engage student interest or present difficult topics. Notes on Outstanding Student Projects should describe the learning context for the project and show how the student brought individual creativity to the work.


We invite submissions related to, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • teaching computer graphics in various curricula, including computer science, engineering, and the arts;
  • designing curricula for computer graphics and related disciplines (e.g., image processing and computer vision);
  • promoting undergraduate research in computer graphics;
  • creating educational programs combining computer graphics with other disciplines;
  • exploiting visual tools and techniques to teach in other disciplines;
  • teaching the mathematical foundations of computer graphics and related disciplines.

Authors of selected papers from the Education Track will be invited to submit significantly extended and revised versions of their papers to be considered for publication in Computer Graphics Forum or Computers & Graphics.

For any question concerning education paper submissions please contact the education programme co-chairs:

Education Program Co-Chairs

Eva Cerezo, Universidad de Zaragoza
Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Université Paris 8
Steve Cunningham, Brown Cunningham Associates

Education program committee

Eike Anderson (UK), Coventry University, UK
Gladimir Baranoski (Canada) University of Waterloo, Canada
Jean-Jacques Bourdin (France) University of Paris 8, France
Eva Cerezo (Spain) University of Zaragoza, Spain
Steve Cunningham (USA) Brown Cunningham Associates, USA
Gitta Domik (Germany) University of Paderborn , Germany
Giovanni Gallo (Italy) University of Catania, Italy
Fabio Ganovelli (Italy) ISTI-CNR, Italy
Werner Hansmann (Germany) University of Hamburg, Germany
Mark Johnson (USA) Central College, USA
Joaquim Jorge (Portugal) Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Lars Kjelldahl (Sweden) Steve Maddock Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Steve Maddock (UK), University of Sheffield, UK
Genevieve Orr (USA) Willamette University, USA
Laura Papaleo (Italy) University of Genova, Italy
Beatriz Sousa Santos (Portugal) Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
James Wolfer (USA) Indiana University South Bend, USA

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