Information for presenters

We include some information that may be useful when you are creating your presentation for Eurographics 2013. Should you have any specific audio/visual requirements that are unusual and not included here then please send an email to the local staff at a reasonable time before the conference starts.

Fast Forward

During the FastForward session full papers, short papers and CGF papers will be very shortly presented. At least one author for each paper will present a 40 (forty) second preview talk about the paper. Contact authors will receive further instructions by e-mail.

Presentation template

A key element of your Eurographics 2013 presentation is your electronic slide preparation. The audience will base its evaluation of you and your subject matter partly on the appearance of your images. An attractive, legible, and organized presentation will reflect positively on the content, and therefore on you.

We suggest presenters to use a standardized presentation format. Choose the link below to download slide templates for your Eurographics 2013 presentation:

Equipment for speakers

Each presentation room will be equiped with A/V material.

  • Data projectors will be available, which can be plugged into your own laptop. The image aspect ratio is 4:3, and the native resolution is XGA (1024x768)
  • A standalone computer will be available for presentation, connected to the video projector, with the usual programs used for presentation. This computer will have a spare USB slot that will enable you to bring a USB stick of your presentation.
  • The standalone machine will run OpenOffice; Microsoft Powerpoint; Adobe Acrobat reader; Web browser. It will be capable to display common image formats (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG, etc) and playing popular Movie files (avi, mp4) with common encodings (h264, divx). Should you have any specific requirements (such a specific movie encodings or 3D graphics software), then we suggest you bring your own laptop for your presentation.

Internet access will be available throughout the conference venue for use of all conference attendees and will be available in each presentation room.

We encourage presenters to setup (and try!) their presentation during the preceding break. They should make contact with the session Chair to acknowledge their presence and to confirm that their presentation is ready to run. Rooms will also be available during lunch breaks for presentation testing.

Poster Presentation

Creation of your poster

The poster boards are able to take an A0 portrait poster. An A0 landscape poster will not fit on these boards.

When/where to put up your poster

  • Please make sure your poster is fixed to the board by late Monday afternoon and in any case before the Welcome Reception.
  • We advice that posters are put up as soon as you arrive for the main conference.
  • The poster Presentation Party will be held during the Welcome Reception.
  • Please put your poster on the board as indicated by the labels on the boards.
  • You will need to stay by your poster through the Poster Party during the Welcome Reception.
  • We cannot guarantee the availability of power sockets close to the boards - thus we advice that if you are coming with a laptop demonstration to support your poster presentation that your laptop battery is fully charged.

When to take down your poster

Please take your poster down on Friday morning, before the conference ends.

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