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Girona in the world

The geographical location of Girona makes it a suitable point of departure for discovering the variety of landscape throughout the surrounding region.

You can consult a location map of Girona's position within Catalonia and the world in the itineraries and routes section.

Transport by plane

There are regular flights to Girona from numerous different Spanish and European cities. Girona-Costa Brava Airport is situated about 12 kilometres outside the city, and has good transport connections with the city centre. It is easily accessible by car, bus or taxi.

For further information:

  • Aena: Girona Airport. There is a coach service from the airport to Girona's station (less than 2€), or you can take a cab (about 30€).
  • Aena: Barcelona Airport. There is a train from Barcelona's airport to Sants Estació every half hour, from where you can take a train to Girona (every hour). You can buy the ticket for the whole trip at once at the airport train station. However, if you plan to take an AVE or AVANT, you can buy the tickets from Sants Station to Girona online, see below. A cab from Barcelona Airport to girona is in the range 190~250€.

Transport by train

The railway station is right in the centre of Girona, with regional, national and international lines, including the high speed train (AVE/TGV).

For train schedules and reservations: Renfe timetables and prices

If coming from France: SNCF timetables and prices

Note: in terms of quality, MD (Medium distance) and AVE/AVANT are far better than regional trains, and in terms of speed AVE/AVANT are the fastest (37 minutes for AVE/AVANT, 1:20 for MD, 1:30 for Regional). A regional ticket costs 7.85€, an MD ticket costs 10.50€, AVANT costs 15.70€ and AVE costs 37.20€. Observe that, actually, AVE and AVANT are THE SAME TRAIN, the only difference is in price!

There is a special 30% discount on train tickets to go to EUROGRAPHICS 2013! More information.

Transport by bus

Next to the railway station is Girona Bus Station with city buses, and regional, national and international coach lines.

For further information:.
Girona Bus Station.
Plaça d’Espanya, s/n.
+34 972 201 591

FROGBUS: Girona Airport - Girona Bus Station - Le Boulou (El Voló) - Perpiñá

EUROLINES: International Lines from Girona to Europe and Morocco.

Road network

The main roads into Girona are:

  • AP-7 Barcelona - France (motorway)
  • N-II Madrid-Barcelona-France (main road)
  • C-25 (transversal road) Girona-Vic-Lleida (local highway)

City buses

Girona has 10 lines of city buses which allow visitors to move around all the city's districts with ease. It is possible to buy single tickets or multi-journey cards on the bus when starting your journey.

The line to go from the city center to the conference location is line 8.


There are taxi ranks at the railway station and in the Plaça de la Independència (in the centre of the city).
You can also call for taxis on the following numbers: Taxi Girona (specially-adapted taxis are available) +34 972 222 323 / +34 972 203 377

Note: Girona is a relatively small city and many places can be reached on foot (e.g., the bus station is just two or three blocks from many of the main hotels)

UTM and GPS coordinate

41.59º latitude north.
2.49º longitude east

GPS coordinates of the Tourist Information Office: 485493.7899, 4648130.15246

Accessibility within Girona

Girona has parking spaces and zones reserved for disabled people throughout the city. There are also traffic lights with acoustic signals for pedestrians. Within the tourist sector, there is a map of buildings of general interest to tourists which are accessible to disabled people, including the tourist information offices, the Cathedral and some churches, museums, and the train and bus stations.


Various different companies offer hire cars in the city centre, at the railway station and at Girona Airport:

Coach hire

At the Bus Station it is possible to hire vehicles for larger groups.

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