Industrial Seminar Program


Wednesday 8th, 13:40-15:20 in Room C.2

  • The Executable Paper: Reproducibility in Research.
    Eryk Ciepiela (Project Manager/Software Engineer, ACC CYFRONET AGH),
    Ann E. Gabriel (Publishing Director, Computer Science, Elsevier),
    Prof. Joaquim A.P. Jorge (Full Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/UTL);
    Head of Visualization and Multimodal Interfaces Group at INESC-ID),
    Dr. Hylke Koers (Content Innovation Manager, Elsevier),
    Dr. Michela Spagnuolo (Senior Researcher, CNR-IMATI-GE)


Wednesday 8th, 15:40-17:20 in Room C.2

  • Graphics in the Aerospace industry. From CAD to mixed reality.
    Fernando MAS (Senior Expert – Virtual Product Engineering),
    Head Of PLM Process & Tool Solutions at AIRBUS MILITARY),
    Associate Professor, School of Engineering. Sevilla University)
  • Problems in the industry of Videogames and the Computer Graphics in Real Time. Research results.
    Fernando Navarro (Telefónica I+D)
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