Tuesday 7th, 17:20-18:20 in Tent

  • Towards a Physically Plausible Constrained Shader Graph System for Predictive Rendering
    Ivo Pavlík and Alexander Wilkie
  • A Sensor Based Approach to Outdoor Illumination Estimation for Augmented Reality Applications on Mobile Devices
    João Barreira, Luís Magalhães, and Maximino Bessa
  • Poisson Image Analogy: Texture-Aware Seamless Cloning
    Shin Yoshizawa and Hideo Yokota
  • Volume Ray Casting quality estimation in terms of Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    Nikolay Gavrilov and V. Turlapov
  • Real-time Control and Stopping of Fluids
    Károly Zsolnai and László Szirmay-Kalos
  • A Distributed and Collaborative vSLAM Framework for Real-Time Localisation in Huge Environments for Mobile Devices
    Nagore Barrena, Jairo R. Sánchez, and Alejandro García-Alonso
  • Multi-Camera Acquisition and Placement Strategy for Displaying High-Resolution Images for Telepresence Systems
    Tariqul Islam, Stephan Ohl, and Oliver Staadt
  • On Depth-testing Wide Outlines
    László Szécsi, Balázs Hajagos, and Tamás Umenhoffer
  • Reverse Skew-T - A Cloudmaking Tool for CG
    Leigh McLoughlin and Eike Falk Anderson
  • Time-variant Volumetric Colors for Metamorphosis
    Oleg Fryazinov, Mathieu Sanchez, Valery Adzhiev and Alexander Pasko
  • Using Webcams for Product Presentations in HTML5
    Mathias Borg and Martin Kraus
  • Automatic Convergence Adjustment for Stereoscopy using Eye Tracking
    Martin Fisker, Kristoffer Gram, Kasper Kronborg Thomsen, Dimitra Vasilarou, and Martin Kraus
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