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STAR Track

ST1: Position-based Methods for the Simulation of Solid Objects in Computer Graphics

  • Tuesday 7th, 13:40-15:20 in Room C.2
  • Jan Bender, Matthias Müller, Miguel A. Otaduy, and Matthias Teschner

ST2: Scalable Realistic Rendering with Many-Light Methods

  • Tuesday 7th, 15:40-17:20 in Room C.2
  • Carsten Dachsbacher, Jaroslav Krivánek, Miloš Hašan, Adam Arbree, Bruce Walter and Jan Novák

ST3: Glyph-based Visualization: Foundations, Design Guidelines, Techniques and Applications

  • Wednesday 8th, 13:40-15:20 in Room C.1
  • Rita Borgo, Johannes Kehrer, David Chung, Eamonn Maguire, Robert S. Laramee, Helwig Hauser, Matthew Ward, and Min Chen

ST4: A Survey of Interaction Techniques for Interactive 3D Environments

  • Wednesday 8th, 15:40-17:20 in Room C.1
  • Jacek Jankowski and Martin Hachet

ST5: State of the Art of Parallel Coordinates

  • Thursday 9th, 09:00-10:40 in Room C.1
  • Julian Heinrich and Daniel Weiskopf

ST6: A Survey of Compressed GPU-Based Direct Volume Rendering

  • Thursday 9th, 11:00-12:40 in Room C.1
  • Marcos Balsa Rodríguez, Enrico Gobbetti, José A. Iglesias Guitián, Maxim Makhinya, Fabio Marton, Renato Pajarola, Susanne K. Suter

ST7: Computational Fabrication and Display of Material Appearance

  • Thursday 9th, 13:40-15:20 in Room B.1
  • Matthias B. Hullin, Ivo Ihrke, Wolfgang Heidrich, Tim Weyrich, Gerwin Damberg and Martin Fuchs

ST8: Modeling Terrains and Subsurface Geology

  • Thursday 9th, 13:40-15:20 in Room C.1
  • Mattia Natali, Endre M. Lidal, Julius Parulek, Ivan Viola, Daniel Patel

ST9: Structure-Aware Shape Processing

  • Friday 10th, 09:00-10:40 in Room C.2
  • Niloy J Mitra, Michael Wand, Hao Zhang, Daniel Cohen-Or, and Michael Bokeloh
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